Commercial alliance between Gaia Business School and Business Management Center (BMC) allows the creation of an investment fund to grant 500 partial and full scholarships for Bachelor and Master educational programs.

Guatemalans have an entrepreneurial spirit that has been fundamental, especially in these times of pandemic. So financial and managerial education is essential to achieve economic recovery and high-level development.

Guatemala is a country of contrasts, where less than 7% of the population has access to higher education, and a minimal percentage completes the program. An initiative is needed to contribute to the better preparation of workers.

Thanks to a commercial alliance between Business Management Center (BMC) and GAIA Business School, an investment fund for development has been created, in which together we will grant more than 500 partial and full educational scholarships for Bachelor and Master educational programs. A total investment fund of Q5 million

The objective is to contribute to the hard-working and enterprising Guatemalan society, so that it can continue to develop and be the engine that drives Guatemala towards a better future.

The program will last two years, during which partial and full scholarships will be offered in the areas of Human Resources, Business Administration, Marketing and Talent Management, among others. These programs will be 100% online learning.

Employees of GAIA and BMC member companies are eligible for this program, which will begin in the first weeks of 2021. However, it is planned to

However, it is planned to extend coverage to individual entrepreneurs at a later date so that they can have better opportunities.

“This is the first step we are taking to contribute to the development of hundreds of Guatemalans who have been affected by the global economic crisis. It is our duty as entrepreneurs dedicated to education and the development of human talent to contribute to professionalization and good business practices,” says Daniel Joachin, GAIA’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager.

“We want to encourage entrepreneurs who are aware of the need for change to join and contribute from each of their spaces. For those who have already begun this work, we want to tell them that we are here and that together we will create a better future for Guatemala and our children,” adds Joachin.

This program reflects our conviction as businessmen to be allies in the construction of a better country: Guatemala, Our Responsibility!


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